W2Z Wireless

We supply the wireless seismograph starting with 12-24 channels the whole instrument can be carried with a simple trolley the necessary accessories are in the backpack with seat, adopted for all customers. Total no. of channels for MOM unit is 256. This wireless seismic system is composed of: – one unit connected to the PC by USB wire and its tripod (MOM unit) – several geophonic units disposed on the ground following a geometry (GU unit) – one trigger unit, equipped with a triggering wire system (TRG unit)

W2Z Wireless MEMS 3C

Use only W2Z units with three ZXY components at the same time. The operator can choose the necessary axis remember that there are no more geophones starting from 0.1 Hz


Telemetry system JEA247ESAC from 12 to 240 channels. For 24 channels the weight of the two coils including acquisition electronics and connectors is less than 15 kg The first 24 ch have the possibility to operate for hours of acquisition at 250-500 Hz frequencies, this allows to have files of 20 ‘- 30’ in a single acquisition, which is very practical. For ESAC, ReMi, SPAC, MAM applications. Of course MASW, FTAN, SASW, REFRACTION, REFLECTION. following different acquisition times.


It has a digital multimeter to check the charge of the internal battery and a connector for the external battery or solar panel, a switch will allow you to choose the most suitable source. In addition, a small connector dedicated to recharging the internal battery.

DBS280B 2021

We can supply you with all types of geophones from 2 Hz to 100 Hz. The boxes can vary from our yellow to red and orange-blue. The cables for the DBS280B are machined to customer specifications, in our case the standard is 5mt inter-geophonic distance with LK25 connector made in Italy – gold plated with protective caps Cables with channels from 1 to 12 channels Cables with channels from 13 to 24 channels.


With variable length from 40 to 100 meters, with measurements shown on the cable compressed air, diameter 60 cm with anchoring pistons, simple use just follow a few instructions. The geophone is connected with a cable to the DBS280B


A terrific tool for microtremors and site response Purchase of the book is recommended



The cables are telemetric and with 4 conductors, they can activate 240 channels, the blue boxes are equipped with triggers every 6 boxes and contain the acquisition electronics that allows the computer connected with the MOM to create an excellent virtual instrument  Weight less than 7 kg. for 12 geophones at an intergeophonic distance of 5 meters, x 2 = 14 kg for 24 channels.