We have strong business relationships and technical alliances with several major companies and institutions operating globally in the geophysical field. Our main focus is to provide superior services to our clients, meeting high standards of quality.

About Ray Speed

Ray Speed Solutions Private Limited is an independent and diversified geophysical service provider company based in India. The company provides various cutting edge geophysical services and consulting across the globe, including gravity & magnetic surveys, seismic refraction tomography, ground penetration radar, electrical resistivity tomography, engineering geophysics, dam safety, groundwater studies, pipeline leak detection, GIS, and Project Management. RAY SPEED ​​combines vast geophysical and geological knowledge to ensure providing specific solutions to customer needs. We are fully committed to work with integrity and are committed to providing quality products to our customers. Our services allow to provide accurate subsurface information to make more informed decisions that can avoid costly scheduling delays and result in significant cost savings. An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company in the quality management system. RAY SPEED promotes a positive culture based on passionate QHSE leadership.

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Our Services

The vision at RAY SPEED is to bring latest geophysical technology to those who need it in a practical way.

Oil & Gas

We provide fit for purpose comprehensive solutions to Oil & Gas Industry. To achieve this we combine cutting edge technology along with deep expertise of the oil & gas industry. Also, we offer full phase seismic services using Accelerator Weight Drop (AWD) source.

- Seismic Data Acquisition Advisory
- Seismic Data Processing
- Seismic Data Interpretation
- Passive Seismic
- Project Management

Mineral Exploration

We provide comprehensive geological and geophysical services to mineral exploration companies across the globe.

- Gravity & Magnetic
- Electrical Resistivity Tomography
- Seismic Refraction Tomography
- IP & SP Survey
- Transient Electromagnetic

Groundwater Studies

We cover the entire spectrum of basic groundwater exploration, water management, hydrological, hydrogeological, piezometric installations.

- Hydrogeological
- Hydrological
- Aquifer Mapping
- Piezometric Installation
- Groundwater Resource Management

Infra Solutions

We provide project oriented solutions for the compilation of construction site stability checks.

- Ground Penetrating Radar
- Utility Detection & Mapping
- Subsurface Investigation
- Concrete Inspection
- Dam Safety
- Rail/Metro/Tunnel

Why Choose Us

We believe in building long term relationships with our Clients


Well qualified Geoscientists, Geophysicist, Geologists and Engineers


Young and vibrant minds guided by expert Geoscientists, having exposure in Geophysical Survey across the globe

Resources & Tools

Equipped with latest technology and equipment 


Our solutions are of the highest standard. We provide full transparency, detailed reporting and time bound reviews with clients

Value for Money

Efficient & cost effective planning and operations


Quality solutions are delivered on time. Client confidence and satisfaction are the foundation of our business

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