Pipeline Leak Detection

Pipeline Leak Detection

Leaks in the pipeline can be costly, especially with the cost of paying for what is ‘lost’ before it reaches consumers. However, these damages are often difficult to detect, so accurate and reliable leak detection systems are extremely beneficial for minimizing damages. Our technology does not require the pipe to be exposed at any location and has the advantage of completely buried pipe sections.

Leak Detection Method

The leak detection method is divided into three major parts; zone measurement, leak pre-locating, and  pinpointing.

Zone Measurement: This allows field engineers to quantify leakage measurements of zero consumption conditions at night (2:00 – 4:00 am). This measure will provide the hosting area of ​​the biggest leaks. 

Pre-Locating: Localizing the leak by systematically listening to the pipe network in the process. The accuracy of this process is usually not enough to start an excavation. So, pinpointing is recommended

Pinpointing: The problematic region has already been selected by the above two methods. Now, Now, by detecting the height noise level with the help of electro-acoustic hearing device to locate the exact leak location. The methodology limits excavation to a minimum and provides resource optimization network maintenance

We are also specialized in using geophysical methods for pipeline leak detection where other conventional methods fail to reach