Groundwater Studies

We are here to save our most precious natural resource with the expertise and latest technologies

Groundwater Studies

RAY SPEED groundwater expertise team focuses on the exploration, development, monitoring, management, and conservation of our precious groundwater. We offer within the field of geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical studies. We aim to assist and enable the informed, responsible and long-term use of groundwater while ensuring that environmental protection measures are maximized.

Blindly drilling hole after hole as a means of finding groundwater is an inefficient and outdated process. Before you drill a single costly hole, our experts can help you see what’s beneath the surface.

We cover the entire spectrum of basic groundwater exploration, water management, hydrological, hydrogeological and piezometric installations, from specialized technical studies and environmental impact assessments.

Our Expertise Includes

We offer a various advance surface geophysics methods for groundwater exploration and resource management.